About Gabor
He was born under neon lights on the second day of Spring 1979 in Miskolc... at least that's what he was told later.
Since he doesn't remember this (and further things that happened to him) he took it for granted.

He has been sensitive from an early age, a trait that still characterises him.
Early years
He attended art high school. He considers himself quite autodidactic but learning the basics of painting proved to be useful.
His art works and paintings reflect on a funny situation, happiness or problem.
He elaborates on these life situations and ideas until his paintings seem grotesque and inextricable. 

Those who don't know him may misinterpret him or be hurt and shocked by him as much as his art.

"Don't be surprised! I'm a grotesque mirror in the enchanted castle." - that's how he would describe himself.

Artist Representative: +36709412991